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Birthdate:Jun 6, 1989
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
I really like things that have rainbow coloring.

Interests (150):

a simple disaster, abnormal psychology, across the universe, acting, activism, affection, alternative education, analogies, autumn, beauty, being outside, bisexuality, bookmooch, books, boston, butterfly boucher, camp hugs, candles, cats, catyana, celtic music, cherries, chocolate, collaging, colors, communication, confidence, creativity, csi, cucumber sushi, cuddle piles, curiousity, dance dance revolution, dancing, dancing in public places, dancing in the rain, daydreaming, debating, discovery, disney world, diversity, doing the impossible, dreams, enhancing natural beauty, equal rights of every kind, farmers' markets, finding solutions, flickr, freedom, friends, frolicking, giggling, going barefoot, going on adventures, grey's anatomy, happiness, helping people, hippies, holding hands, honesty, hope, horses, house, hugging, ice cream, imagination, imogen heap, independence, inspiration, kindness, kissing, laughing, learning, liberation, libraries, life, long walks, love, making a difference, making friends, making people smile, managing a band, massages, molly, music, musical theatre, my "little sister", nature, nbtsc, not back to school camp, opening night, pandas, passion, peace, people, people piles, peppermint tea, photography, playing happiness fairy, playing the piano, possibilities, progress, psychology, quotes, rain, raspberries, reading, red hair, revolution, riding the t, rocky horror picture show, rush hour 1+2, rushes of adrenaline, secrets, self discovery, simplicity, singing, sleeping under the stars, sleeping with people in a non-sexual way, sleepovers, snow, snuggling, songs with stringed instruments, spontaneity, spreading love, stars, sunsets & sunrises, talking with a british accent, the beatles, the free hugs movement, the geezer dance, theatre, thunderstorms, tori amos, travelling, trust, trying new things, understanding people, unschooling, vegetarianism, walking barefoot, walking on the beach, warm chocolate chip cookies, warm fuzzies, whole foods, wishes, writing in my journal, yankee candle, zephyr, zines
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